Why Choose Tandrine’s Cocktails for Your Corporate Catering Events?

Why Choose Tandrine’s Cocktails for Your Corporate Catering Events?

High-End Products for Exceptional Catering Services

Choosing a catering service for your event means demanding excellence in every aspect, starting with the quality of the food. At Cocktail Tandrine, we offer savory and sweet canapés that blend classic flavors with originality, ensuring an unforgettable gourmet experience for your guests.

Silver Tableware for an Elegant Buffet

Tableware is a crucial element in the success of your event. We partner with France’s leading tableware rental specialist to provide you with impeccable, sturdy, and elegantly designed silverware. This enhances the sophistication of your buffet and reflects the luxury catering standard we uphold.

Exceptional Staff for Impeccable Service

The quality of the service staff is essential for a successful event. At Tandrine, we carefully select our maître d’hôtels and make it a priority to retain them by offering minimum 6-hour shifts. This ensures we work with the best professionals, delivering a top-tier corporate catering experience.

Personalized Assistance Until the Delivery of Your Event

Our service goes beyond providing food, tableware, and staff. We assist you in the final preparations of your event, advising on the quantity of drinks to provide, delivery schedules, and event setup. This comprehensive support guarantees a perfectly organized and proportioned event.

Why Choose Luxury Catering for Your Corporate Events?

Delicacies such as gravlax of trout with dill sauce, Kalamata olives in three styles, and rostello finger food with summer truffle exemplify our commitment to high-quality products. Choosing luxury catering gives you access to a wide variety of gourmet items and the flexibility to customize your menu to your preferences, ensuring your event meets the highest standards.

Tandrine Catering and Events, a Tailor made Experience

By choosing Cocktail Tandrine as your catering service for corporate events, you opt for high-end products, elegant tableware, and exceptional staff, all supported by personalized assistance. For a luxury catering experience in Paris that elevates your event, trust our expertise to deliver the finest haute cuisine and impeccable service.

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